Unigo, Inc is an IT Services, Consulting and Solutions Company with primary focus on providing innovative solutions to our customers.

Our core practice areas include Application development & maintenance, Enter price mobility solution, Business Analytics, Visualization & Collaboration, Cloud computing and Infrastructure Management. It now covers multiple industries, numerous geographies and flexible delivery models, as well as the state-of-the-art technologies.

With our diverse range of solutions and services, we have established ourselves as one of the most trusted technology and consultation organization over the years. Our satisfied clients and the incorporation of the latest trends and technical innovations are testimony to our committed service toward the community.

Our business services and technologies make us a brand to reckon with our latest technical tools, backed by a strong experience and investment in innovation, process and knowledge, we stand out at par as one of the finest and most admired organizations over time. Cloud Technologies gave birth to an entirely new horizon to meet the customer needs and market requisites with our exclusive cloud solutions. 

Unigo is recognized as one of the innovative consultation organizations, capable of delivering quality service in a time-bound manner. Our focus is to constantly enhance the level of satisfaction of our customers so as to foster the development of better and sustainable future. Our technology experts are adamant to investigate the challenges at the interface of technology and devise innovative strategies to construct opportunities from those challenges. We are proud to offer services and solutions and are adamant to bring forth the technical innovation to your doorstep. We understand the requisites and challenges that most of the industries face today. In order to address those issues, we have specialized our services and customized our solutions to a meet those challenges in a more specialized and radical manner.

Today, we are one of the most trusted and valued partners for business establishments looking to create a difference in the business and technical world. Our team is dedicated to provide an amalgamation of the standard values together with the latest trends of technology in the seminary. With our vast range services ranging from manufacturing, healthcare, life sciences, banking, finance and retail. We render our success to ‘sustainability’ and ‘perseverance’ through customer satisfaction. Although the mutual growth is part of the ‘bigger picture’, we are adamant to impact the communities and business growth whilst maintaining an environmental imperative perspective.

Cloud Technologies and Enterprise mobility offers its service and support without minding any physical border, eliminating the gap between the producer and the consumer. Our advanced business solutions and integrated network capabilities are central to our success. We believe in delivering the world-class support and service so as to reach the consumer beyond any social and economic barriers.