Manufacturing and Retail

There have been various changes in the retail and manufacturing hemisphere in the recent few years. Firstly, there has been a shift in the consumption patterns of consumers as it is no longer a single market that taking the king’s share. Developing economies are beginning to account for a bigger portion of the global retail and manufacturing market, which means businesses are not only focusing on offering innovative products/services that meet the domestic demands but also expanding to newer markets. Then again, they have to face up to the challenge of outperforming, if not being in par with the domestic players who seemed to have grasped the nuances of customer behavior and patterns better. Also, many of these local businesses have tied up with alternate sales medium which means they’re working with lower distribution expenses. Global suppliers may have to look at omni channels and revisit their supply chain strategy to not lose their edge.

The rise in technology also means that there are numerous channels through which consumers can avail these services; for businesses this means additional management and resources that have to be organized and managed for consistent and timely performance without any leeway for downtimes. Businesses that look at staying in and ahead of the race in the long run, will have to rev up their business analytic tools to get a good understanding of the consumer patterns, product/service reception and other metrics. Cost again, becomes a growing concern in the evolving industry and the variable energy expenses and the increasing input costs are no solace.

Power your Manufacturing and Retail enterprise with Unigo

The mounting competition and expectations in the dynamic manufacturing and retail landscape today is almost palpable, and a strategic well-rounded IT infrastructure can serve as a strong backbone to help you get to the forefront of it. Unigo brings rich domain experience and knowledge to the table and can power your business with technology to overcome challenges and achieve business goals.

While the retail and manufacturing sector has no doubt been one of the first adopters of technology, we have arrived at an understanding that today, adapting technology takes a whole new form and shape in the sector. Unigo offers tech savvy and futuristic solutions to businesses so they can stay ahead of the race. We not only help businesses optimize the supply chain operations through technology but are also using technology as a means to understand customer mindset through business intelligence and analytics. From development to e-commerce platforms to managing and maintaining the existent infrastructure, customer relationship management to mobile solutions, we assist retail and manufacturing sector players to streamlines their processes under a collaborative ecosystem.

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