Infrastructure Management Services

Intelligent, efficient management of IT infrastructure is fundamental to the success of your organization. More so in today's highly industrialized business environment, which is marked by volatile technologies and processes. The paradigm shift created by emerging technologies such as cloud computing, mobility and virtualization demand that businesses transform the way they design, provision and maintain IT and infrastructure.

The challenge is to do so effectively. You want to remain relevant and competitive in the face of dynamic technology changes. And that's no mean feat! You also want to maintain relevance and competitiveness as your organization scales and business needs increase.

Agility is the key

The easiest way to meet these challenges is to invest in an agile infrastructure management model that can help you scale swiftly according to both, the market and your growth needs. We call this the 'easiest' method because such agile infrastructure management comes brilliantly easy to us.

We hold years of experience and expertise in helping global organizations solve their infrastructure challenges. Through agile, efficient, cost-effective, reliable and secure IMS solutions, Unigo can help you optimize existing technology assets, adopt emerging technology assets, design competent internal processes and derive maximum value from your IT infrastructure.

Unlock unlimited capabilities with Unigo infrastructure management services

Our proprietary models for infrastructure management cover comprehensive tasks within network management, systems management, storage management, desktop management and more. From security and network integrated models to hosted solutions, web operations and third-party maintenance modeling – Unigo delivers expert IMS solutions to help you achieve business objectives.

Our key differentiators include niche expertise, robust, secure global delivery, seamless scaling capacity and best-in-class pricing. Partner with us to choose from our wide portfolio and enhance your competitiveness in the market. Here are seven of the several things we can help you do:

  • Eliminate inefficiencies – Cut efficiencies from all essential operation components through optimization of processes, data, human resources and modernization of policies, equipment plus infrastructure. Establish lean, mature processes.
  • Optimize availability –Guaranteed high reliability. 24x7 availability. Shorter time-to-delivery.
  • Boost performance – Improve the flow of information through a system, reduce duplication of effort, ensure equipment and processes adhere to standards. Eliminate bottlenecks, increase scalability and boost overall performance.
  • Drive down costs – Turn IT into a variable cost. Reduce costs associated with duplication, inefficiencies, high storage needs and server sprawl.  Align to lean models. Drive higher ROI.
  • Improve service levels – Respond to business requirements faster. Stay relevant to customers with recent trends. Migrate seamlessly to the cloud. Implement high-performance solutions for Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Storage-as-a-Service. Improve customer experience and satisfaction.
  • See rapid impact on business outcomes – Get swift response for your ongoing growth and efficiency challenges. Get instant support for complex IT problems in hybrid infrastructure. Get expert recommendations on the impact of cloud, mobility, digitization, analytics and security. Create quick wins as you work on long-term strategies.
  • Be prepared for challenges in the future – Implement effective, policies and practices for change management. Facilitate adaptability needed for a changeable IT environment. Establish interoperability among external contacts and your organization. Be future-ready.
  • Did you know that an organization’s investment in infrastructure management has the single largest impact on its revenue? Take no chances! One of the fastest growing IMS vendors in the world today, Unigo is trusted by thousands of your peers for optimized infrastructure management.  Come join the club.

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