Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Outsourcing administrative or non-core business processes allows organizations to laser-focus on core competencies, thereby boosting flexibility and achieving intended growth goals. The key concern for most organizations however, is to ensure their BPO vendor delivers top-level operations without reducing service levels or compromising with security and privacy.

And that's where we come in! Compete more effectively in your marketplace with tailored, trusted and high-performance BPO solutions from Unigo. Our seamlessly-integrated and fully-customizable BPO services drive process optimization and performance improvement across all channels in your organization.

For you, that translates directly into:

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased revenues
  • Improved cash flow
  • Optimized capital utilization
  • Expanded flexibility
  • And heightened customer satisfaction
  • Unigo is the industry's vehicle of choice for capturing the greatest value from BPO.

    Abreast the pivotal trends reshaping today's BPO market

    Cost-efficiency is no longer the primary motive behind business process outsourcing for savvy organizations. Today, organizations care as much, even more, about increasing organizational agility, exercising direct quality control and staying ahead of competition with reformed business outcomes, through BPO. Business impact and higher topline-growth are in fact, two of the most-cited value propositions for organizations outsourcing their business processes.

    Are your service expectations from BPO vendors similar? Are you searching for value above and beyond cost-reduction and improved-efficiency?

    At Unigo, we understand that your needs and expectations have changed. And that is why we have evolved into an amalgamation of multiple horizontal (finance, accounting, procurement and HR to name a few) and industry-specific (healthcare, banking and finance, life sciences and energy or utilities to name a few) services. Unique in terms of value creation, each service matches your goals and builds upon your capabilities.

    Innovative and differentiated BPO solutions 

    In-line with the recent trends in the international BPO spectrum, Unigo offers personalized BPO services that are “always on”. Leverage multiple communication channels, gain actionable insights from our best-in-class contact-center analytics and enjoy faster resolution at 99.5% accuracy rates. Eliminate bottlenecks and solve problems like never before using our next-gen capabilities in Mobility, Cloud and Digital segments.

    From shared back office processes such as accounting and finance, legal and technology solutions or customer care to specific back office and niche front office processes – we can help you face bureaucratic challenges with supreme ease and efficiency. We can also help you with an array of technology-enabled services, transformation services, knowledge services and more!

    Claim your Unigo advantage

    The easiest way to ensure top-level operations without a decrease in service or security levels in to enter into a BPO partnership with Unigo. Our services are built on the foundation of:

  • Deep industry knowledge – Industry expertise is our prime differentiator. We top our expertise up with the use of industry benchmarks, best practices and domain insights to provide maximum value.
  • Profound experience – Operational excellence 'comes' easy to us because we have been able to optimize processes, hone skills and fool-proof our approach through years of BPO partnerships with large, international clients.
  • Customer-centric – We follow the new-age client-success approach to BPO services. We're not your BPO vendors, we're your success partners, deeply invested in boosting customer satisfaction and brand engagement for you.
  • Comprehensive – We provide end-to-end process management for organizations big and small, in diverse industries.
  • Your core competencies demand 100% attention. Leave every other business process to Unigo.

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