Business Intelligence and Analytics

The advances in technology have no doubt equipped businesses with the tools and techniques to offer customers a better user experience, but it also comes with the downside of handling mountains of data. The vast expanse of consumer data can in fact be used to the benefit of businesses, and need not necessarily be a ‘downside’, especially if is utilized to gain a better insight of customers and accordingly align their strategy. But how do you make sense of all big the data with no prior experience, and with other demanding tasks, product launches and service deadlines taking up your time? Then again, there is the issue of storing, managing and ensuring that the massive amounts of data are readily available for access at any point of time. What seems like a herculean and impossible task, can be made easy, and in fact, these data assets can be woven into your business strategy to sustain and grow. This is where we come in. The problem with many prevalent software solutions and tools is that they are not able to capture and process all the data within a designated time due to the sheer volume of the data available. Capitalizing on this big data to obtain actionable insights and enhance operational processes, while working on tight-strung budgets is another issue for most businesses. What business need is a holistic formulation and an extensive data strategy that includes non-traditional and traditional data sources, which filters the big data to obtain valuable data at a nominal cost. In a way, this is exactly what Unigo does.

Our successful journey in this ever changing business challenged us to stay ahead of the competition. We achieved this by enhancing the capabilities with agile and proactive skills and processes in order to seize the new opportunities. We are well equipped to provide skilled personnel anywhere in the U.S.

How well are you leveraging big data?

Through our many years of experience in the Business Intelligence and Analytics sector we have mastered the various nuances of business intelligence engineering in specific domains and industries. We can create business and industry-specific models that leverage dynamic data consumption and analysis for the best results. With so many Business Intelligence and Analytics IT services present in the market today, choosing one can be tedious. There are many reasons why choosing Unigo as your BI & Analytics partner is more than choosing just another tech service. Here are some key highlights of what you can expect from our BI & Analytics service:

  • We can help you draw out real-time BI from various data channels and draw key insights from previously recorded data
  • We can facilitate the information consumption to be simplified, dynamic and customized to your business requirements
  • We can help you rule out inefficient and unimportant tasks and processes through insights, and free up additional resources while collaborate with your operational framework to perform dynamically under one platform
  • We can help you strengthen the decision-making process of your business
  • We can help you cut costs through performance analysis and optimization of operations
  • We can enhance risk management by evaluating predictive analytic cues and ensuring regulatory compliance
  • We can help you gain keen insight into the market movements, customer actions, and business internal processes so you can enhance your performance and outperform your competition
  • Prepare to enhance your operational processes, enhance responsiveness, improve decision making and cut IT costs with Unigo.

    Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions, queries or inquiries regarding our business intelligence and analytics services.