Banking and Finance

Banks and financial institutions have seen magnanimous movements in the recent past, as international businesses continue to transform the global landscape. The perpetually fluctuating economy, and the increased pressure from regulatory bodies have only made it more difficult for banks. Even so, there have been positive developments for the banking sector, especially with regards to automation and multi-channel functionality aspects that have given them an opportunity to enhance customer operations and open up the doors to growth and advancement. With financial service providers, on the other hand, complying with regulations and mitigating risk is always on their mind, while as is enhancing profit and growth when and where possible

 Many of these financial service players are extending their products and/or services to not lose out in the race, and offering additional value-added services alongside for the same reason. Then again, these plethora of services need to be managed and rendered smoothly and efficiently, else the brand identity may take a beating amongst clients and customers.  What bank and financial institutions need is a sound technology solution that backs their service, so they can tap in on the numerous growth opportunities. A technology partner like Unigo allows you to leverage the growth opportunities to the best effects with quality technology-solutions. Let us show you why you should be teaming up with us.

The Unigo advantage

  • Banking sector:
  • One of the first things that you should be looking at in a technology solution provider is past experience. At Unigo we have a diverse experience in integrating operations with technology solutions for banks and financial institutions of a wide variety of sizes. Whether it’s in upgrading your legacy software framework or helping you set up your IT infrastructure, we have your back. Also, we understand that takeovers, mergers and acquisitions have become more prevalent than they were earlier in the finance industry today. In the event of such movements we can quickly assist you so your current application can be easily integrated with that of the parent company without any hiccups. Our qualified and innovative professionals come up with new perspectives each day to solve issues, whether it is vendor fatigue or stringent regulations, with futuristic solutions that help you advance.

  • Financial services sector:
  • When it comes to financial service enterprises, Unigo has operated with both sides of players- on the buy and sell sides. We have handled services that cater to the different cycles of trading and investment management, risk management to portfolio accounting. Through our experience with numerous financial service-based clients we have gained a firm understanding of the financial industry landscape. The sound domain knowledge when combined with the sound IT experience and knowledge we have on board, can very well help put your enterprise well on its ways to success through next-generation technology solutions. We understand that different facets of the finance service industry such as mortgage, retail, payment, management and so on, have different requirements, and can work with you to chalk out customized solutions accordingly. Whether it is a sound data management strategy or advanced analytics, we can offer the adept solutions powered by the latest delivery models and technology.

    Unigo has been offering impeccable technology solutions to banks and financial services. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions, queries or suggestions.